I’ve always had a dream of visiting India. Will you help me get there?

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Deliver Chuck Manley to India!

Who is this Chuck Manley guy?

This is Chuck Manley

This is Chuck Manley

Hi, I’m Chuck Manley and I do really cool stuff.

What kind of “stuff,” your inquiring mind is probably wondering.


4 years ago after coming to a very critical moment in my life, I had an epiphany that this life is a blessing.  To be in this existence as a conscious being able to perceive all this beautifully rich information around us is nothing less of a miracle given to us by the universe.  And dammit, I want to experience it all while I’m here!

I ended up quitting my job, selling everything I owned, and hitchhiking around the US for 6 months.  I never felt more alive in my life.  I had some of the most amazing experiences that still shape who I am today.  After spending 5 years working in an ambulance, I learned that life was precious and the world could be a cruel place to live.  Traveling has restored my faith in mankind by showing me that human beings are inherently good and want to help others.

Since that trip I’ve been dedicated to self discovery through exploration of the world and it’s inhabitants.  I find incredible lessons and inspiration around each turn and under each stone.  I’ve found that my words can be used as an inspiration for others.  I want to lead a life by example where I walk without fear, trust in others, do good along the way, connect, teach, and share, and show that the world is an amazing place to live in.

What I plan on doing!

For as long as I’ve been traveling I’ve had a calling to go to India.  A place that I envision is a world like nothing I’ve seen before.  I want to learn about ancient Indian culture, the roots of Buddhism, and the mysticism still present there.  I want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I want to see the mansions, the slums, and the disparity that exists between the inhabitants.  I want to visit all parts of India and I want to do it all on the back of a motorcycle!

That’s right… a motorcycle trip through India

I’ve always said that if you’re going to dream, you better dream big.  This has been a huge dream of mine for far too long.  I want to go to India, buy a motorcycle, and ride it to every corner of the country before I go home.  I want to document this journey and share it with everyone who is willing to pay attention to what I have to say.

I need your help though!

Why you should care!

This story is just at Chapter 1 of what could be the most epic story of my life and I want you to help me write it.  I want to tell the story of my trip to India that started with the support of friends, families, and strangers who all came together to help me realize a dream of mine.  Whether you like traveling, wish you could travel more, or just want to hear my story, my journey hits home for a lot of people.

I will be bringing a full line of camera equipment to document the whole trip.  Not only will I keep up with my high quality photos, but I intend on shooting and posting videos regularly so I can make sure you’re a part of the action.  I will be posting these as my weekly (for now) updates on my blog.

Also, as a thank you for your donation I will giving away the following:

$1:  For a dollar you will be a part of this story and have my esteemed gratitude.  What’s a buck anyways?
$5:  I will be making some limited edition stickers and sending them out as a thank you for your contribution.
$25:  Not only will you get the sticker sent to you, but also an awesome t-shirt to celebrate the occasion.  (i will post photos when the shirts are designed)
$50:  Would you like a printed photo of something beautiful?  Donating $50 will do that.  For donating at this level I will mail you a printed 8X10 of your choice from my trip in India.
$100:  Do you really want to be part of the trip?  For $100 I will write a sign with your name on it (or some other message) and take a photo of it somewhere beautiful in India.  Imagine the sun rising at the Taj Mahaj and your name sitting in the warm glow of the morning sun.  This photo will be delivered as a digital file in full resolution.
$200:  For this level of support I will give you the 8×10, the custom photo, AND I will be making a limited edition coffee table book that contains high quality photos of my trip and have one delivered to your door step.

Of course you can give as much as you want.

Besides the personal rewards for donors, you will be helping water the seeds that I plant along the way. You will be part of the inspiration that I’m able to spread to the world through my stories. And each time I tell those stories you will be part of the fire that burns passionately in my heart.

Why this matters!

Have you ever had a dream that was so big that it consumed you?  Something that kept you awake at night?  Something that nagged in the back of your head in a voice that you just can’t seem to shut up?  That’s what I’m feeling right now.

But, I’m terrified!

Something like this isn’t something you should jump into, but that’s exactly what I need to do to make it happen.  For four years I’ve told myself that one day I’ll go to India.  And on that day it would be really awesome to buy a motorcycle and travel the country.  If I keep my dream in that future “some day,” it will forever be out of reach.

This project is about accountability.  I want this, but without a push I may be too afraid to ever do it.  If I put myself out there and get people excited about the trip, then I will owe it to them to follow through.  There will be no turning back!

What your money goes to!

The first $1000 will go towards getting to India.  This will cover my trip to the airport, my plane ticket to India, and the cost of my visa.

If I can raise at least another $1500 on top of that, I will commit to purchasing the motorcycle.  A used Royal Enfield costs about that much in Delhi.

Any additional funds will help cover the costs of the equipment I’ll need to travel safely and comfortably.  This would be my helmet, protective clothing, and a good GPS system to navigate the country.

If I get well above my goal of $3000 I will purchase additional camera equipment to make the experience more rich.  I’m hoping to get an external mic, a GoPro3, and some modern lenses for my camera.

And if I don’t get enough money?

No matter what I’m going to India.  If I can’t raise enough money through this site to cover the ticket, I’ll find a way to pay out of pocket for the rest of it.

The motorcycle is the secondary goal.  If I can get close to my goal, I’ll figure out how to cover the rest.  If not, your money will go towards keeping me alive for as long as I can stretch it until I meet all of my obligations for my donors.

What will I do in India?

Besides mind bending exploration of a beautiful country, I want to use my skills to give back.  My main focus will be on helping locals develop their businesses through digital media.  I will be exchanging my skills in multimedia for food and lodging along the way.  I’ve been using the website workaway.info to help build these connections already.

Besides my volunteer work, I hope to learn many new skills.  I will take cooking classes, meditation retreats, learn healing techniques, and overall educate myself in ways that will allow me to continue to grow and evolve.

What else you can do to help!

This trip is funded by love before it is funded by money. If you can’t spare a couple bucks towards my trip you can help out in other ways.  More than anything, I just need support from people who want to see this happen.  Follow me on facebook and stay in touch.

Most importantly, spread the word!

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  • Rick

    And so it begins! The epic struggle between man(ley) and his dream!
    One step at a time, on course, straight and true!
    The journey of a thousand lifetimes is just around the corner and I
    can only imagine the wonders that shall be presented and encountered
    on this wondrous journey. We, the armchair adventurers, will wait
    with baited breath for updates, photos and video offerings of the
    journey, that for all intents and purposes, equates to some of the
    most heralded adventures ever captured in photos, words and on video!!!

    Bon Voyage Sir Chuck of Manley!

    4 years ago Reply

  • Denzyl

    Chuck Manley, where do I start. One of the most awesome, most genuine persons I have met in all of my travels, all around the world. Considering this will be read by many of your followers, I will keep my Australian profanity to a minimum, therefore excluding such words as Fuck and the dreaded-by-most-Americans word of, See You Next Tuesday. That word would be cunt, if you didn’t get it :)

    Sometimes it is hard for the ball to get rolling, it takes a little push from very few people to get started. I hope that these three donations will be that push. The first two got me going.

    All the best my friend. I hope you reach your goal. I would rather donate to this cause than say, those people that hang out on street corners to save the whales, or the bears. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love whales and bears, but once you put your hard earned dollars inside those little containers they hold, you never see it again. You don’t even get to see if your money made a difference. This is different. If we donate, we get to see where it is going, through your photos and blogs. That way we know, we actually made a difference. We actually helped.

    My friend, you are living life.

    4 years ago Reply

  • Alexa

    Is not much, but it´s sooooomethiiing :)
    you know I have my own dreams to fund…
    I love you very much and I really want to see you happy and fulfilling your dreams.

    4 years ago Reply

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